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The Gift That Keeps on Giving

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After Mom’s houseguests left last week, she had more strawberries leftover than she could use and sent them home with us. Score!

Now, if this weren’t amateur hour, I’d insert the picture of the beautiful jar filled with berries, but it is — and now they’re gone — so I can’t. But imagine a very large canister jar filled full of strawberries. Got it? OK. Now here’s a tip that’s worth the price of admission: If you put your strawberries in a jar, they’ll keep longer.* First, put a paper towel in the bottom of your jar. Then, add the [unwashed!!] berries, and top with another paper towel before putting the lid on the jar and stowing it in the fridge. They kept for two weeks this way, a vast improvement over the twelve hours I’ve been averaging with the ones I’ve been bringing home from the store, only to throw out half a moldy basketful in the next morning. Infuriating! But with the jar method? Overjoyed!

Alas, all good things must come to an end, and it was about that time for these berries. Luckily, this month’s Everyday Food has a recipe for an easy compote.** (It’s supposed to be apricot, but it mentions subbing in strawberries.)

Voila! Now we have a few more days to power through these little gems. The kids love this over yogurt, especially this Greek honey one.

It’s like dessert, but healthier…? Sure!

*Mom gleaned this brilliant tip from another blog, but I don’t know which one. Sorry for not properly crediting, but thank you, Unknown Genius!

** After I’d already made the compote, I stumbled across a recipe for an equally easy strawberry conserve in this month’s Bon Appetit. Well, something to try next time. Hey, if you haven’t checked out BA in a while, you should. The last two issues have been terrific — I love the updated format!


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  1. I’ve thrown out WAY too many strawberries over the last few months. Every time I toss them in the garbage, I just think of all the $$$ I’ve wasted. But no more, because I have a jar in the cabinte that will become the strawberry jar. Thank you dear friend!


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