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Same Time, Next Year?

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Hmm…another school year was drawing to a close, and I wasn’t sure what to do about teacher gifts. Then I remembered some basic mom math: New School + New Teachers = Same Gift as Last Year!

(It doesn’t hurt that I love love love these notebooks. Well, they’re kind of draining when you make ’em in bulk, but other than that — love them!)

All I can say is kindergarteners these days sure do have a lot of teachers. In addition to homeroom, art, and music, there are also three P.E. coaches. And the crossing guard who saves us from certain death on our walk across dead man’s curve. And the so-super-nice aide who escorts Joe from the car to the building each morning. For them, the gift of food:

Yep, I proudly employed the blog-standard brown bag banded with decorative paper as my wrapping method of choice. It’s a goody on so many levels, in my opinion: uses stuff I usually have on hand, but ends up looking sharper than my attempts with plastic wrap.

Done and done!

So, now it’s the first day of summer. Ahhh, yes. The kid I had to wake up almost every day was in my room with a fist full of Legos at 6:25. As I came downstairs, I could see that some no-goodniks  had wrapped our yard. (They were neat, though — the empty roll was in the trash can.) The kids have been fighting over the t.v. all morning [guess who whispered this in my ear: “Momma, PhineasFerb not my faborite show”] and bickering , and I’m now regretting the promise of a “crazy” pancake lunch. I know, and yes, that is what passes for a good time in this house. Breakfast for lunch? Zany!


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  1. ha ha ha…getting your yard wrapped stinks, but it sounds like it could have been unlce hoffman if they took the time to put their trash where it belongs. wait, were your trash cans lined? maybe he wasn’t working late…

    • Even the idea of him out there “ahahaha”-ing as he carefully vandalizes our yard is enough to give me a laugh!

  2. Breakfast is a good meal to eat ANY time of the day (we had breakfast for dinner last night!)


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