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There’ll Be a Next Time [Craft Hope Project 13]

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A couple of months ago, I was having a frustrating time with a “labor of love” project, and had reached a stand-still (which is to say: ran out of key materials during nap time.) Standing there fuming, my eye landed on the stack of quilt tops and backs mocking me from the corner. I’d taken them out a month prior, in the hopes of having them quilted and sent off in answer to this call , but I missed the deadline.

Well, no sense in letting them sit there gathering even more dust; might as well prepare them for the next call to action.

Oh, hello there! Being one step ahead sometimes pays off, because I had three basted and ready to be quilted and bound when this call went out. Not the same as finished, but definitely closer.

Three weeks later — voila!

For the poor always ye have with you….(John 12:8)

This was the portion of scripture that kept coming to my mind as I worked on these. While they’re not heading toward the poor, necessarily, they will hopefully reach someone in need and be a small blessing to them. It encouraged me to think that, while I’d missed on opportunity, another would (sadly, I’m afraid) surely come again.

Since I was heading to the post office, it seemed like a good time to wrap up Project 12 and send them on their way, too. June 15 is no longer a long ways off, and this was starting to have all the earmarks of a good thing gone horribly wrong.

The final tally was 74 bracelets, altogether; 51 fabric, 23 floss. There were still a few more waiting to be braided, but it just wasn’t happening. They’ll be work-ins that I’ll eventually finish up and stow away.

You know — for next time.


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  1. I LOVE the aqua and orange together. It goes perfect with the little spacey aliens- I assume for the backing? You did a beautiful job.


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