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The variety of carrot that we planted this past spring was supposed to be “petite”, but this seems kind of extreme. And when exactly are you supposed to harvest them? I think we’re well past prime time, and this is all we have to show for it. Also, it tastes terrible. Terrible and old.

All of this to say: The 2011 Garden is indeed tanking* [surprise!], and I’m not sure carrots grow well in this climate. Fellow gardeners, please pipe up and correct me if I’m wrong here; I can take it.



*But! The mint lives on!



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  1. I’ve not had much luck with carrots, but my main problem is not thinning them enough. When i had one off by itself with plenty of rom around it, it was bigger, but not regular size by any means. Also, my climate isn’t much different than yours, and the planting times for me are jan-feb for spring and sept-nov for fall. I think carrots like cooler weather, which we don’t have much of!

    • Good points, Beki! I thought that I’d been really ruthless about thinning, but it turned out not so much. As for the growing season, I’m just getting the idea that we need to start planting in the dead of winter, and just hope for the best. (This was the lesson taught by the “impossible to fail” lettuce crop failure.) Thanks to you, maybe I’ll have better luck in the fall. 🙂

  2. ahh ha ha ha! i like picturing you biting into that…did you try a little hummus with it?

  3. Oh my goodness, do I love this picture. Thanks for making my day! 🙂


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