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Two Peas in a Pod

My brain is truly turning into a sieve. Every time that I think I’ve hit the bottom, it turns out there’s a new low — there are no limits to how poor my memory can become.

For example: There was a baby shower at church this past weekend. I knew about it, mentally added it to the calendar, and even planned out/picked up the gift.

[In keeping with my theme here, I forgot to snap a pic of the flannel-backed pea in a pod — perfect for twins!! —  wash cloths before I had them stuffed into a bucket and wrapped in cellophane. I did use a scrap of said flannel to make the tag, though. Imagine a larger piece backed in white terry, multiply it by four, and you have yourself a set of wash cloths.]

Then, I forgot about the shower — completely and utterly — twice last week. How does that happen?!

Our takeaways:

  1. Always mark upcoming events on the calendar. Always.
  2. Mind the calendar, because part of the problem was that I couldn’t get it through my head that this is, in fact, the last week of June.

Point #2 is actually the more key of the two, considering that Vacation Bible School has been up on the calendar for months, and I forgot — between Friday and Saturday — that it was starting on Monday. Luckily, Sunday rolled around and I was so horrified at having almost forgotten that it was then seared into my brain.

Also, my kids knew about it, and would not have let it pass. Hey, whatever works, but has it come to this– relying on a six-year-old to keep my busy, busy schedule straight?


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