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It Takes a Village To Plan a Party

Lately, my computer has been driving me crazy. It’s kind of slow, the internet connection is spotty (but just on this one desktop) — just irritating little things that make life frustrating for someone not blessed with patience. That having been said, what a wondrous time we live in, what with the internet and home computers and all! Just in the last two months, I’ve been able to fix our broken sprinkler heads and direct Kevin in how to fix the washing machine, all thanks to helpful online links; one repair cost us three dollars, the other was free. Score!!

Even more importantly, I was able to plan a birthday party for one very important six-year-old.


Of course [of course!!], there aren’t any Lego Ninjago party supplies to be found in your local store, but I assured the very worried guest of honor (who was eager to just switch the theme to the first thing he saw at Target, as though I was going to cancel the party if we couldn’t find coordinating plates) that we could put our creative thinking caps on and crank out something cool. Easier said than done, as it turns out, but the online community did not disappoint. Once I managed to cobble together an invitation, which took waayyy longer than it should have, we were on our way.

Thank goodness for moms like Jenny Lee, who totally had her creative hat smoking in preparation for her son’s Ninjago party. She *rocked* that party, and was generous enough to share the bottle-wrapper pdf, which made it possible for me to add that extra touch, too.

Once the guests arrived, we decorated our ninja training swords (found here),

then we played games: protect the orb, and — here comes my big contribution! — Pin the Fu Manchu on Sensei Wu.

I loved the idea of making candy sushi for the kids snack, but couldn’t figure out a way to make it ahead of time that didn’t leave me presenting a drippy, sticky mess. Wonderful Aunt Chelly, though, not only sent me this helpful link, but came up with the idea of letting the kids make it themselves. Brilliant! I think it might have been the hit of the party. We also had bento box snacks (which ended up resembling a bento box lunch only by virtue of the fact that the portions were small and they were, indeed, contained within a box) and cupcakes decorated with Lego-colored stars.

All in all, I had a blast* prepping for the big event, and the boy was thrilled with his first “real” party — success!




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  1. Awww…it really was so stinking cute! Oops, sorry…it was so “cool”…in case my nephew ever reads this… 🙂

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  3. Hi I clicked at bottle-wrapper pdf to get the pdf but didn’t work. Any chance to send me te pdf? Thanks a lot. It’s going to be My son’s birthday next week and would love to have those bottles. Thanks a lot


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