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The Mocktail Hour

Five o’clock is definitely the beginning of the witching hour in this household. The kids are sort of at loose ends, I’m trying to make dinner — it’s chaos. Since they’re minors and we’re teetotalers, we can all enjoy our new antidote to the afternoon crazies: The Mocktail Hour.

This is my current favorite, homemade ginger ale. It tastes almost precisely nothing like the kind that comes in a can (which I do like.) So gingery! So good! And the kids like it, but the secret there is that they like just about anything which involves fizzy water. Aha! AND the beauty of it all is that the appeal of the “special drink” never seems to lose its shine, so I can bust it out as a big deal treat a couple of times a week and still get the desired effect of turning my snarling little darlings into happy party attendants.

We’re nothing if not festive.


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