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A good friend of mine is expecting her third baby any day now; the shower was a couple of weeks ago. Now I’ve seen a lot of registries in my days, but I’d have to say hers was the most fun. There were lots of interesting city-hippie-type products that I’d never even heard of, let alone use, and practical stuff for the nursery/diaper bag, AND — last but not least — post-pregnancy care items for Momma. This was the registry of a pro!

One of the aforementioned items was reusable diaper wipes. Now,  I for one, am somewhat unwilling to go to those lengths. I can’t even explain this, because my babies (especially a certain second one) had me elbow deep in mucky laundry a large majority of the time. Dealing with washing the wipes and diapers was just a bridge too far. (Sorry, fellow Earth-dwellers.) However, I’m all for it in theory, and more power to you! (And thank you, super friendly Earth-dwellers.) Looking at them, I figured, Bet I could make those. Then I mentioned them to my mom, who said, “Bet you could make those.” Well, that’s all I needed to hear!

Let’s Keep It Clean:

There are a bunch of different suggestions for reusable wipe materials on the internet, but the only ones I had on-hand (or could find locally, for that matter, for try I did) was flannel. The three-ply quilted version beat out two-ply in my semi-scientific testing. Wait — it’s not what you think. NO!! The test consisted of me smearing Greek yogurt on my knee, and then wiping it off with a damp cloth. See? Semi-scientific. And yes, I said “quilted”. For one afternoon, I was like a real-life Quilted Northern lady.

As a side-note, I’ll tell you that I had a momentary panic attack hours before the shower. Who shows up with a basket of rags?! Would anyone know that the wipes were on the registry? Who sews their own washcloths?! Aagh! Once I put it all together, though, I thought it was pretty cute; that was enough to get me out the door. And it was well-received–hooray! and phew!– though I did, in fact, have to point out [loudly] that reusable wipes WERE ON THE REGISTRY.


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  1. So cute!!! And what’s in that spray bottle…a product I don’t know about? Do tell!

    Ha ha, remember when Mikey thought quilting the Northern toilet paper would be a good job for Mom?

  2. The yogurt on the knee experiment made me laugh, but hey – chalk one up for science!

  3. You are awesome!! I want to be just like you when I grow up!!

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