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Stocking Up

It’s becoming obvious to me that one of my main weaknesses in life is the tendency to overthink every.single.thing. Don’t mistake this for one of those job interview “my only weakness is that I care too much” kind of admissions; the overthinking thing really does slow down the gears around here.

Such was almost the case with stocking production for the Christmas in Dixie drive. I was so super excited — Christmas stockings are fun to make! — until the inevitable (unanswerable) questions started cluttering my brain.

Should I go with a super simple design in order to crank out more?

Do they have to have a cuff? Ours didn’t, but maybe ours were not typical…? [Online research suggests either way is acceptable.]

What colors are most likely to fit in with another family’s decor? [See? Unanswerable.]

How many of each style should I make? Enough for a whole family, I suppose. Wait — how big is the average family? How about the average family who decorates in aqua/red/white?

Round and round and round. Finally, as August started winding down, I decided to just jump on in and start sewing, figuring that some is always better than none in a case like this.

First up, classic red and green:

Next, shades of gray with appliqued snowflakes:

Note the cuff on the gray one matches these red, white, and aqua ones, in case they end up together (which seemed important at the time):

Finally, a contemporary rustic look sans cuff (inspired by the scarf in Denyse Schmidt Quilts):

All of them are quilted and then lined. The strip-patchwork ones (which is to say: all except the gray) are foundation pieced. Since they were going to be quilted, I just used the piece of batting as the foundation. And, since we’re on the subject, is it wrong to be so happy to have found the perfect use for batting remnants? If so, I don’t want to be right!

Since September is hurtling toward us at a rapid rate, I’m going to box these up and send them off this weekend rather than hold on to them. It’s tempting to keep going and just make stockings [fun for a good cause!], but the ever-growing list of things to do between now and the end of the year demands otherwise.

It is some list.


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  1. beautiful! i’ve been searching for the perfect stockings to cross stitch for my house…however, now i’ve decided i’ll just take three of the bottom one on the right. thanks.

  2. These are so beautifully made and very festive. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. So pretty!! I love the colors and fabrics you choose and that scalloped cuff is darling. I’m cut out my stockings this afternoon and hope to get them sewn up this weekend.

  4. I haven’t started my stockings for the project due to the same overthinking thing. Thanks for the little kick I needed…I’m just gonna go for it. Your stockings are beautiful and will certainly be appreciated.

  5. My standard “What’s your greatest weakness” answer is “I work too hard, I care too much.” From the office I think. Made me laugh when I read it in your opening paragraph. Nice stockings.

    • What cracks me up (aside from the answer itself; great icebreaker) is that every article on job interviewing still says, “Don’t say your weakness is you work too hard!” Really? Folks are still putting on an earnest face and trying that out?

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