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Happy School Year!

Technically, we are already three weeks into the school year. It still feels rather new, though, even as it starts galloping away.* Homework arguments (which have so far been fairly low-key, thankfully), rushing out the door in the mornings, and — of course — AWANA Wednesdays are back on the docket. Ahhh, Wednesdays. Even with a solid plan in place, we still can barely manage to get out the door in time. In theory, it should be fairly straightforward, but something always falls apart along the way. But we will prevail!

Add soccer season, back to back Precept studies for me, and the discovery of a new [to me] online language-learning website  through our local library, and we  have the makings of a very busy and exciting September.

[So much so that I keep thinking the month is almost over, even though today is only the 8th; might need a minute to slow down and re-group.]


*Yes, galloping away — not unlike the first day of school itself, where I was so excited to actually get out on time that I completely forgot to take the all-important picture. Doh!! Well, nothing that couldn’t be remedied when he got home, right?


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  1. Oh, that face! Please email this pic-he is straight up “coopertelli” in this one.


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