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After wrapping up Stockingpalooza, I realized that a radical shift was required before I could really dig into my ever-growing to-do list. Something like, say, an actual list (instead of just the running tally in my head, which is not at all a reliable method) — a plan. And also deadlines, to add some structure to the whole thing; maybe even a whiteboard or calendar of some sort. Equally important would be a — and I can’t believe I’m saying this yet again, but here it is anyway — a clean, functional workspace.

Since my husband has been wanting to rearrange the layout of this room,and it’s a good ten degrees cooler than it was this time last month, my plan (the first phase, that is) is to dedicate what’s left of this week and part of next to a nice big Autumn Overhaul. The first step was to gather up all of the Christmas fabrics, which were stacked on the floor, the stepladder, the iron, and the cutting table, and pack ’em into that nice blue tub. So much more manageable! Today, special attention will be given to clearing a path for the great re-arrangement, which’ll most likely spill into tomorrow, too.

Also on the agenda: writing the list, because I’ll have forgotten everything I’m thinking about this afternoon by the time the sun sets. Oh, I’ll remember it again eventually, but still.

Is it weird that I’m totally excited about this whole thing? Oh, the possibilities!


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  1. is it strange that i might want to put a bandana on my head and show up at your door to help? go meg, go!


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