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It’s a Tradition

My family (the one in which I grew up, rather than the one living in this house) has a peculiar tendency to turn absolutely anything that you do one time into a “tradition”. It kind of gets on my nerves, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not guilty of it myself from time to time. That is, after all, how school conference day magically morphed into our Annual Halloween Decoration Party (which amounts to my sister and I tagging each other in while one goes to their conference, and the other entertains the kiddos.)

This year, we:

And, since I know this group, we also added the last-minute addition of:

  • paper plate and fun foam pictures! Yes, you, too, can create beautiful art using only fun foam, crayons, a glue stick, and a paper plate. Feeling really crafty? Punch a hole in the top and add a yarn “hanger”. Ta-da!

All that crafting (and the less-than-an-hour it took to complete) can leave a kid pretty hungry, so we feasted on Pimento Cheese and Pumpernickel Bats, Ham Ghosts [can’t remember where I found this idea; it’s just a ham sandwich cut in the shape of a ghost), chips, and grapes. We were supposed to have a cool Shirley Temple-like drink, but “someone” was too lazy to find the proper recipe, and that “someone” made the extra special ice cubes all wrong [hint: grenadine will never freeze!], so we just had regular Shirley Temples. For all anyone cared.

Top it off with a special showing of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! and you have the makings of a fun morning with the six and under crowd!

Not pictured: The mummy and pumpkin cake pops,  and funny parrot glasses/ masks. Because I did not make them. Awesomeness is overrated!


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  1. “it’s a tradition!”…I think maybe it’s the fact that one of us is always screaming that phrase that annoys you the most. At least that’s how it is for me. Unless I’m the one screaming it…and if that’s the case, you people better snap to.

    is it just me, or do our kids have the cutest little hands in the world?

  2. 1. You may be on to something with that theory, Liss, and
    2. Oh, you’d better believe they do! 🙂

  3. I love your version of Halloween fun! It’s not scary at all!


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