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There Is No Try

You want to hear something that you already know, but probably need to hear anyway? Especially if you’re starting to feel the first inkling of a full-blown panic attack welling up in your chest, because Christmas is only a week and a half away (I know!) and school breaking is starting soon, and…and… and….

Here it is: All of that stuff on your to-do list? Plus all the other stuff on the mental list that you’re almost afraid to commit to paper? It’ll either get done, or it won’t.

It’s really as simple as that.

“Yeah, but -”

No. No buts. And trust me — I’m right there with ya. Today I had the pleasure of having one of my wisdom teeth yanked out, something decidedly absent from any of my lists pre-dating last weekend (at which point I thought that maybe I’d have to go in for a little adjustment. No such luck.) And I tried to bump up production so that I could still make my numbers for the week, so to speak, but it wasn’t until this morning [read: too late] that the better solution came to me, the one that would have allowed me to deliver treats to the school office tomorrow morning and still get everything done for today. Well, so much for that; make a note to self for next time. To once again quote dear old Dad, it gets easier.

The works-in-progress scattered all over the workroom? They’ll either get done…or they won’t. Same for the “thank you, school office ladies” scones. Where is it written that you can’t bring a treat to someone in January, anyway? Or for Valentine’s Day?

The Grinch couldn’t stop Christmas from coming, and neither can you. If you feel like getting down on yourself, try repeating that old saw, “Next year, things will be different!”

And who knows? Either it will…or it won’t.



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