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D.I.Y. the Heck Not?

Earlier in the season, I found these cute Halloween and Thanksgiving coloring page placemats for the kids in the trusty dollar bin at Target. Of course, I promptly forgot about the Halloween ones until I went to pull the Thanksgiving ones out mid-November, but that’s beside the point. The kids loved them. In fact, Joey hadn’t been finished with his five minutes before he started “wishing” for Christmas ones.

Well, those I didn’t have. We did have freezer paper, though, and a marker. Why not just draw up a couple?

A couple of real beauts, right? Block lettering has never been my strong suit. Nor have faces. Ah, but so what? They’re disposable placemats! The kids were totally happy, and I saved ONE DOLLAR. Actually, what I saved was another trip to Target, and do you want to know the best part of all? After putting it off for a couple of days — waiting for perfect inspiration to strike and thinking about what to use as templates — I just bit the bullet and put pen to paper. We’re making great strides here people!


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  1. Very fun! …and I think your block lettering looks great!


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