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Gifts of Christmas Past: Kitchen Edition

Happy New Year, my beautiful friends!

Is it just me, or does it seem like Christmas was a very long time ago?

I mean, except for the fact that all of the decorations are still up. And some of the gifts are still sitting in the living room.

Speaking of gifts:

Moses, smell the roses — are these Sweet and Salty Brownies ever good! So good! They take quite a bit more time than making them from a mix, what with the boiling of the caramel and the melting of the chocolate and all, but they’re totally worth it for those special people in your life (once in a great while.) It’s like eating a really rich piece of candy in cake form, if that makes any sense. Mm.

Also, I found my new very favorite peppermint bark recipe [scroll down to the “candy cane brittle” portion of the recipe in the link] this year, now with cookie crumbs! Very tasty; I only wish it made more. It’s probably just as well that it didn’t. And while I was in homemade everything, why not throw in some marshmallows and hot cocoa mix? Sounds like a recipe for successful hibernation to me! [A word about that cocoa recipe: If you follow those instructions, you will have the richest cup of hot chocolate. The long simmer gives it a super thick texture.]

There were so many wonderful recipes that I didn’t get around to trying, but time and kitchen space ran out. Next time, I need to get an earlier start!

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