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Well, our church is definitely taking a cue from nature this year — so many women are expecting babies this spring! With that in mind, I figured it was high time to re-open the gift factory.

This season’s offering:

A variation on an old favorite, the Keep It Clean set. I just love making these! Thankfully, Heather has taken a hiatus from burp cloth-making, and didn’t mind me tagging in on those. Several more sets are already in various states of production, and there are still more on the list.

Of course, at some point my enthusiasm may wane and I’ll have to move on to making something else. Here’s what I learned [again. Why won’t this lesson take??] this past Christmas:

One of a particular thing might be fun, and only take a few hours, and leave you wanting to make more!

But — when you decide to make nine more…

…embrace the simple math and common sense which tells you that this might take longer than you think. And you might have a blast pulling fabric and creating beautiful combinations, but you’re going to have to finish them, too.

Ah, but see, even now, I’m thinking about making another of those blankets. Or two. Some people aren’t meant to be helped, even by themselves. And I’ve got ideas for sooo many beautiful baby sets still in my head, yearning to be free….




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