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Clever Was Never My Strong Suit

Several things appealed to me about this super-cute Valentine’s Day gift:

  1. What’s not to like about friendship bracelets?! And they’re cool for both boys and girls, which can be a little tricky.
  2. Danyelle very kindly included a download for the cards on her blog, and I have cardstock, so no need to buy cards. I love the sentiment of it, too — just right!
  3. Speaking of things I have, I also am the proud owner of many colors of embroidery floss. Sweet!

See that there? According to points 2 and 3, this should have been a practically free project [assembly time not included]. Does it get any better than that?

Then Mom made the innocent comment that it would be cute to make them in the school colors. Wouldn’t it?! The colors are red, white, and blue, but there theme colors this year are black and white. So…how about black, white, and blue or red? Yes! Perfect!


…I didn’t have any black. Or white. Or blue or red. No biggie, though — floss is cheap! I figured out how much I needed and headed off to the craft store. Of course, it wasn’t on sale that week — of course not! But I didn’t need that much; only six skeins.

Six skeins of floss: $2.40

The next stop on my list was Target. As I passed by the holiday aisle, I just had to stop and check ’em out.

One box of commercial Valentines: $2.50

Ah, yes. Such savings!

Actually, making the bracelets was fun, the kid was happy (once he finally understood that the tag WAS the card, and we did NOT need to go buy some cards) and had fun putting them together for his friends, and I still think that it was a cool gift to pass out. As Dr. Seuss said, “These things are fun and fun is good.”

In other news, my kids could hardly believe their ears when I told them that I’d cooked breakfast this morning.

Pancakes* on a weekday? And a freestyle heart-shaped one, at that? Uh-huh. Momma’s got mad skillz!

(But don’t tell my True Love, who did not get the breakfast special this morning. Unfortunately, the diner doesn’t open that early; Momma has limits, even on holidays.)



*I used this recipe for the pancakes, and they came out great! I did need to grease the pan a little, though. Anyway, now I have mix on-hand for next time, which soothed my ruffled thrifty feathers a little.


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    • I saw those, too!! He would have loved those. Of course, they’re not allowed to bring candy to school because of “allergies”, but maybe Momma should make one up special next year, no?

  1. Scott Brinkmeyer

    Is that delicious piece of bacon also in the shape of a heart. I knew bacon was good for you! Don’t let the American Heart Asooc. catch wind of this.


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