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This Old Dog Learned a New Trick

One of my 2012 goals is to make a significant dent in my fabric collection (painful though that may be.) The subtitle of that goal is — not surprisingly — to not spend money on unnecessary supplies. Packaged bias binding/tape is one such supply, so I bit the bullet and tried AGAIN to make my own.

Well, actually, let me just say that making bias tape isn’t that big of a deal in and of itself. I just find it a pain to do it the long way, which involves cutting a bunch of strips on the bias and then joining them all together. I’ve done that successfully, but it’s still a drag. No, my old foe is continuous binding: creating a rectangle on the bias, and then marking and cutting it to form a continuous loop. This has resulted in nothing but a waste of fabric in the past, but armed with this video, I set out to try, try again.

The video is very good, and it’s great to be able to pause it and follow along as I sew. However, I still managed to screw up the first attempt. Somehow, after carefully stitching and marking (twice, because the first time I had things going in the wrong direction), I ended up cutting the thing in half. Grr! The second time around [YES! I actually went back and tried again!!], I noticed that the seam should have been running on the diagonal compared to the drawn lines, and not perpendicular. Oho! So the second time through was a success:

Check out all that beautiful binding! And I even made some more a couple of days later, and only had to do it once. Success!

So that’s my hot tip if you’re new at trying your hand at continuous binding: Pay attention to the seam! It all hinges on the seam! And careful marking and cutting, but the slowest, most careful cutting in the world won’t fix the fact that you’re cutting in the wrong direction. Take it from me.


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  1. Were you feeling the vibes that I was going to delve into bias tape making this week, or what? I’ll definitely be watching this tutorial! What a timely post.

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