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Time to Change

So, Spring Break was kind of a bust for us. It was just one of those things, where a week seems like a veritable eternity stretched out before you…until you realize that it’s Day 4 and you haven’t really done anything. Part of the problem lay in my complete inability to make changes on the fly. For example, I’d planned to take the kids to the mall one day  — yeah, pretty exciting stuff — but decided to slate that for the last part of the week. Then, come the end of the week, we ended up not going and I could not figure out why. Oh, wait! I know why: because I’d decided to wait until my sister came into town, since that’s something she likes to do, but then she ended up not coming. Not that big of a deal, except the whole week was like that. Luckily, though, my kids aren’t all that hard to please, so it was still a pretty good week, especially if you like just hanging around. We did *tons* of that. And library storytime — we did go to library storytime!

Another plus was that I finally got around to addressing The Girl’s closet, which was kind of a disaster.

Not horrible [unlike the photos, but it’s really hard to take a picture of a closet on a cloudy day!], but pretty junky. I tossed out all of the old baby stuff, random cables, etc. Would you believe that I found yet another box of boys infant clothes? Yes, almost seven years later, I’m still finding the odd parcel of clothes in the “baby’s” room. Good grief! Pretty sure I’ve congratulated myself several times for finally getting rid of everything…but no. There was more.

Now that the closet was pretty much a clean slate, I was able to sit and think about a possible solution to our current problem. It seems that this child is a bit of a fashion maven, and would happily change her outfit three times a day. It doesn’t sound like that big of a deal on paper, but the daily ransacking of her dresser was getting on my last nerve. So was the battle of wills we’d entered into every morning for the all-important first outfit selection. But! I had a plan:

At the beginning of the week, I create eight or nine outfits and hang them up where she can reach them. Every morning, she’s allowed to go into the closet and choose whichever one she wants. Then we shut the closet (which has one of those child-proof covers on the knob, so she can’t just help herself to its contents all the live-long day), and we’re pretty much done for the day.

Guess what? So far, it’s working!!

I moved on to the dresser after finishing the closet, and bagged up all of the winter wear. The shirts and pants that were leftover after filling the closet were pretty slim pickings, so she’s pretty much forgotten that they’re in there. At least I assume that she’s forgotten; she hasn’t tossed the drawers in two weeks! Plus, it was finally organized well enough that I could clearly see what she does and does not need. Turns out she needs a little of this and that, but that’s a story for another day. Every completed task seems to create another, but for now I’m happy to savor the victory of conquering one small corner of our cluttery little kingdom.


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