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Easter Fun [Pintastic!]

Sure, none of our kids “need” new Easter baskets or one more bunny, but I couldn’t help it! Once I saw these buckets (although now I can’t remember where I first spied them, but they made their way to my Pinterest* board somehow) and hand puppets, well, what choice did I have? Especially seeing as how I had all of this pretty scrapbook paper amongst my supplies, not to mention the fabric for the bunnies.

Actually, I didn’t have any of the fabric called for in the bunny tutorial, but improvised by using fleece for the body/ears and knit remnants for the inner ear accents and tails. [Bridget took one look at the polka dot  ear pieces and said, “What are you making with my shirt?” That girl has a memory for pattern — she outgrew that shirt over a year ago!] As a result, these bunnies are decidedly more floppy than the originals, for sure. I’m okay with that. Let’s face it: The six-year-olds are about five minutes away from being “too old” for this kind of thing, and I’ll be happy to have cheaped out when these begin their new lives as the cutest Swiffers you’ve ever seen.

I also managed to make some lemonade — in the form of a tried and true skirt — out of last year’s failed Easter dress attempt. Just cut off the bodice and started fresh. I even had enough of the same fabric left over to make a matcher for my niece. Bonus!

Hope your weekend was filled with lots of fun. Now, back to work!


*If you’re looking for more “I will do that!” inspiration, check out the monthly Pinterest to Real Life round-up on Simple Organic. Love it!



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  1. BTW… her hair was oh so cute with the little braid and the curly pony!

  2. That little skirt is SO CUTE!


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