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The latest Craft Hope Project involves aprons, so I thought I’d get in gear by finishing a couple that had already been cut. These are little ones [Christmas 2011 gifts for my girl and her cousin — ahem], so they came together lickety split. Funny how that works, once the fabrics have been selected and prepped. Also funny? The last time Bridget put on her only other apron, I noticed that it was getting a little snug. Did I remember that before I cranked this one out, when it would be perfectly easy to go up a size now that the [Basic Child’s Apron] pattern has been updated? When, in fact, I was actually making the larger sized one for my niece? No. No I did not.

Meh. She won’t care, and it’ll get the job done until I get around to making the whole lot of ’em new Christmas aprons. You know, because they need them.

Anyway, now that I have two more works-in-progress completed [WOOHOO!], I’m ready to move on to the main event. And now that they’re cut out, maybe I’ll even make the May 31 target date!


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  1. looooooove it!!! and bean will like that her apron is bigger than her cousins…you know, because she’s older and bigger!

    me? i’m so thrilled that it matches her room…

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