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So far this year, we have been blown away by the beautiful produce our CSA farm has been delivering this spring. It’s amazing what a little rain will do!

This is last week’s selection, which pretty much represents every other week in April:

The password is “greens”.

Chard, collards, lettuce, beet greens, kale and more kale — lots o’ greens. There was a cauliflower or two at first, but that ship has sailed. Now come the onions. What am I going to do with all of those onions?? So far, I’ve only used one; good thing they keep a while! Do you think it would stink up the freezer if I caramelized a bunch and put them on ice?

Hey, do you see the big white thing in the bottom right? It’s a watermelon radish. Biggest radish I’ve ever seen. Tasty, too! And those brownish things are Indian Corn Cucumbers — such a delicious cuke.

This week, I neglected to take a picture before packing it all away, but here’s the rundown: more cucumbers, chard, beets, onions, zucchini, summer squash, carrots, and blackberries. I’m thinking of making pickles out of some of the cucumbers and carrots, because the thought of wasting even one is too terrible. As for the beets, they’re starting to pile up a little, so tonight I made a batch of chips to go with our sandwiches.

[Oh would you look at that. I managed to use the one chipped plate for my little photo shoot, here. Nice!]

This is the recipe I use for the chips. The only change I made was to toss the vegetable slices with olive oil rather than spray the pan, and that’s only because I didn’t feel like using the spray. The beets roasted up in about ten minutes. The whole bunch of beets only makes enough for about four servings, but they don’t really keep so it’s perfect.

I’m telling you, I can hardly wait to see what’s waiting for us next week. They say that melons should be coming soon. MELONS!




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  1. I carmelize onions in the crockpot and then freeze them and find it really handy.

  2. Thanks for linking up! Everything looks amazing. I have been wanting to try beet chips for a while but still need to find a mandolin. Is that what you used? There are so many choices out there I am a bit overwhelmed.

    ps: melons sound glorious!

    • Yes, I use a mandoline even though it scares the heck out of me! I use the [pretty cheap] ceramic version, and it works pretty well but I use it a lot more now that I splurged on the special cut-preventing glove. 🙂 You can just slice up the beets really really thin and it’ll still work; I’ve done that, too (pre-glove.)

  3. careful with the onions…double bag them. you can’t be too careful…think chef phil hartman. i wasn’t as careful and had ice with a hint of onion for a while. on another note, i’m totally freaked out by the beets. not that i’ve ever tasted one…i can’t get past the look of them…and the fact that the people of PA eat pickled egg beets, and that just upsets me like you wouldn’t believe!

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