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Back in the Saddle

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Let’s back up the train to Mother’s Day weekend:

I’d noticed a trend in the editorials of the May women’s magazines. What do today’s moms really want for Mother’s Day?, they asked. A day off from kitchen duty. Again and again, this was mentioned.


Not that I don’t love food or preparing it and what have you, but man! It just never ends, so, yes — I asked for a day off from meal planning and execution. I didn’t want to think about not one meal, nor did I want to dish it out. Frankly, I could not have cared less about what it was; I just didn’t want to be involved (aside from the eating. Girl still has to eat.) Kevin was surprised, but agreed to grant my fondest wish.

And boy, did he! He and the boy made delicious french toast for breakfast, and then we had Subway for lunch. Didn’t care — beats waiting at a restaurant! Dinner was a free-for-all that I didn’t fix, so that was great, too. It was a really lovely day, probably the best Mother’s Day so far.

It was those lovely memories that I clung to the next day when I was suffering mightily at the hands of a stomach bug. A bad day, last Monday, but by Tuesday I was so much better. Phew! Not fun. Sadly, though, by the time I got back into the fridge (because I really hadn’t actually cooked anything since the Thursday or Friday before), it was a bad scene. Quite a bit of the box ended up in the bin. (Actually, it was the stock from the week before that, but still.) Fail! Fail fail fail!

And the aprons that I cut out for my Craft Hope contribution? Still sitting unstitched on the cutting table. Blast it!

So that pretty much brings us up to present. To sum up, very little has been accomplished in the past two weeks, and I feel more behind than ever. Fortunately, we live to fight another day! Today, I got all pro-active with the vegetable bin and made a big ol’ batch of broth:

It may not look like much, but it yielded three quarts and gave new life to some scraps and aged zucchini. Since it was clean-up day, I decided to address the blackening banana situation on top of the fridge (and two others passing time in the freezer) and gave this recipe a whirl:

So good! I mean, I knew it was going to be, because I’d tasted the original, but still. Mm. Okay, and let me just tell you: I once again rushed through reading the recipe and almost didn’t make it. All that oil! So much sugar! Oh…wait…it makes three loaves? Totally acceptable! And superior, actually, because it used up all of the bananas and made three loaves without me having to do the math of tripling the recipe. Score.

Tomorrow, I plan on sharing the end-of-year gifts that I made for the teachers. Here’s a hint: It’s cute and practical, and it’s not a mug.


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