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From My Inner Scout to Yours

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I love to be prepared. In theory — I’m usually not all that prepared anywhere but in my head. My kids are lucky for aunts who always bring snacks, I’m just saying.

We’ll start again.

I love the idea of being prepared; nothing makes my eyes light up more than a kit. Ooh. I loves a good kit. So, along those lines, this handy-dandy little wallet is what we’ll be giving to Joey’s “extra” teachers [you know — P.E., music, art — who don’t see him every day, but help shape him into a well-rounded individual] this year:

Summer-y, right? Wait, it gets better — go ahead and open it!

We’re talking summer in Houston, folks. Imagine the surface of the sun, if the sun were swarming with mosquitoes, and you’ve got the idea. Yet, there’s always that time when you leave the house without your sunscreen or handy can of Off!, and your skin will tell the tale the next day for sure. No longer! Before you head out, get your summer on.


We plan to tuck in a little gift card to our favorite yogurt shop to complete the set. He has had such a great group of teachers this year; I hope they enjoy this little token of our appreciation.


Specs: The wallet itself was greatly inspired by this tea wallet (and by inspired, I mean the only change I made was to the closure). Mosquito repellant wipes are sold in stores — I got mine at Target — and I found the sunscreen towelettes on Amazon.


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  1. That’s a really cute gift idea! I like the tea wallet idea as well.


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