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Summer Belongs to Us!

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Whew! That was a crazy week. I don’t exactly know why it was so crazy, but it felt like it was blowing past me.

Well, I guess I do know why: It was the last week of school. There were just so many loose ends that needed to be wrapped up, like — yes, once again — teacher gifts and such. Primary grades are co-taught at our school, so Joey had two main teachers all year, and they were fabulous. We both loved them! During the spring, they instituted something called “Cookie Bookie” day. The kids would bring a beach towel, a bottle of water, a book, and a cookie, and they would spend a half-hour in the afternoon relaxing with their reads. Joey loved this idea (or he might just have loved saying “cookie bookie”; it is fun to say) so much that we did it at home when he was out sick, and now he wants to institute this fine tradition during the summer. Oh, twist my arm! Anyway, in honor of that, we made up Cookie Bookie buckets for his teachers as a little thank you.

I hope they enjoy a nice, relaxing read sometime this summer — they’ve certainly earned it! And, let me tell you, I’ve enjoyed having a little bit of a breather this week, too. Today was the first day that I felt myself starting to think clearly. Ahhhh…so much better.

I’m sure the feeling will be short-lived — June is jam-packed with goodness — but here’s to enjoying it while it lasts!


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