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For the Places You’ll Go

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Of course, the end of year also brings with it another crop of graduates. It gets weirder every year, too, because now we’re getting to the point where I can remember when the proud scholars were toddlers. And I was a fully grown adult.


Graduation gift ideas still kind of elude me. I really love this idea — it’s one of my favorites, in fact — but once again June snuck up on me and I don’t actually know if half of the grads we know are even leaving town to go to college, so I’ll just file those under “August gifts” for now and hope for the best. (By “the best”, I mean that I’ll remember to get the info I need and distribute the cards before the kids actually leave town. Sounds totally easy, but I can manage to make it difficult!)

I do know that one of my favorite young people is going to be trekking off to school, though, so I hope that this will come in handy:

This deluxe travel set includes:

  • a shoe bag
  •  set of wash/wear lingerie bags
  •  zipper pouch filled with a few handy supplies, i.e. emery board, band aids, mints, toothbrush, stain remover
  •  luggage tag

The bags are all lined [I used this pattern], but I’m toying with the idea of not lining the shoe bag in the future. There’s room for experimentation, because now that I’ve put this set together, I want some for myself!

[In case you’re wondering, here is the tutorial for the zipper pouch, which I modified to fit my “vision”, and here’s the luggage tag.]


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  1. What a great idea! A friend of mine is going to the states now that we’ve finished uni. I’m defs going to male her one of these sets!


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