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It is totally summertime out on our CSA farm, and I couldn’t be happier. On top of the fact that I’m falling behind in cabbage consumption [aside from yakisoba and as a garnish for fish tacos, it doesn’t get much play around here] and am glad not to see it out on the table for pick-up, it was sooo exciting to see all the cucumbers and even eggplant! Yummy eggplant!

Before we start getting all crazy with the eggplants, though, something needed to be done about the whole zucchini/summer squash situation. Those were starting to pile up, so yesterday I whipped up a couple of zucchini lasagnas — which used up all of the zucchini and most of the squash — along with a nice cucumber-heavy green salad. The second lasagna is in the freezer. The plan is to roast that one up in a couple of weeks to see how well it turns out after being on ice. It’d be great to have a pan or two on-hand for when a family needs a meal, but not if it comes out of the oven as a pile of goo. Even a liberal dash of Frank’s (which makes everything better, don’t ya know) wouldn’t help that situation.

These are the thoughts that plague me, but they’re not going to hold me back, I tell ya!

Know what else is occupying my brain today? The thought of making the season’s first batch of the Best Tomato Sauce Ever for dinner tonight with the tomatoes we received this week. Oh, dinner’s going to be delish!


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  1. Zucchini lasagna! Can’t wait to try it…here’s to hoping I get a nice delivery of zucchini this week 🙂

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Do you like fermented foods? If so, it can really help with all the cabbage.

  3. so glad you posted that recipe…that’s one that hoffman liked and i need to make it. it freezes well?

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