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That Wasn’t Supposed to Happen

When I mentioned our Olympic fever, I did not mean that we were literally running fevers. Yet — by Tuesday — that’s exactly what the girl was doing, and her brother briefly joined in on the fun the next day.

Thankfully, it was just a virus and the fever was pretty much all there was to it, and being cooped up together the rest of the week was the worst of it. I can handle that. Not what I had planned for our week of fun, but no biggie.

And when I decided to use all of this great indoor time to really get down and dirty and superclean the house, I didn’t set out on a mission to vacuum behind the dryer. What started out as a very passive washing machine cleaning (which worked impressively well) led to an urge to clean the rest of the area, which meant getting the shop vac and trying to clean the dryer vent. That, in turn, is what paved the road to me knocking the dryer off of one of its legs, causing me to have to pull it away from the wall. All fine and good until we had to move it back into position…and we got a little too close to the wall…and then I smelled gas.

Yep. We managed to put a crack in the hose and had to call out the gas company. And here are the lessons we learned from that little exercise:

  1. Stay off the dryer
  2. Deep cleaning is overrated
  3. When the lady of the house says she smells a gas leak, go ahead and get out. The nose knows!

This week, we’re moving on. Today, it’s time to start the great school clothes shopping extravaganza; the boy is first up. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I could just throw a stack of shorts and a stack of shirts into the basket and call it a day. Now, there’s all kinds of weird sizing and “opinions” to take into consideration. And did I mention that neither one of my kids really loves to shop? Here’s hoping that he and I can get it done in one fell swoop — I have high hopes!

In other news, I finally sat down and SEWED SOMETHING over the weekend. I’m back, baby! Then I spent the rest of the weekend pulling stacks of fabric and adding in projects and basically going a little nuts. That wasn’t supposed to happen, either, but it always does. A little break may have been for the best.

Lots to do, people!


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