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Happy New [School] Year!

School actually started last week, but today was the first day that BOTH kids were in school. Yes, even The Girl is off to school a couple of days a week this year. It’s the dawn of a new era!

In a fit of Mom Guilt, I stitched up another nap roll. After all, if I made one for Joey, how could I send Little Sister off to school with a vinyl mat stuffed in a pillowcase? (Um, I bet it would’ve been pretty easy had I not made such a big deal out of it. But I’m also willing to bet that it would’ve been thrown in my face as though it mattered in about ten years.)

This time around, I decided to actually follow the directions instead of going all rogue and using what I had; that was a good decision. Sure, I managed to make it take much longer than necessary, but it was super easy once I got down to business. The only change I stuck to was substituting a fleece remnant for the minkee blanket (so it was only a single layer. Less plush, but also a tiny bit less work.)

Not pictured: The store-bought lunch kit, since Mom doesn’t make anything that can hold a candle to a Hello Kitty bag. I can’t say that it doesn’t make me the tiniest bit sad that she’s already come to that conclusion.


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