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31 Days of Refusing Idleness

A year or two ago, I read a book called Practicing Hospitality. Although I enjoyed it at the time, nothing in it particularly spoke to me. Knowing that I still need work in the hospitality area, I picked it up again earlier this year, and this sentence practically leapt off the page:

Refusing idleness is essential to a well-managed and orderly home.” [emphasis mine]

Well! Is that it? Actually…it just may be. During the month of October — along with a bunch of other 31 Dayers* — my aim is to find out. Exactly how much could I accomplish in some of the odd pockets of time that are wasted each day? I’m pretty excited to find out. Most of all, I’m hoping to finish each day with a sense of accomplishment instead of feeling like the world’s most underperforming mom/wife/friend/etc.

Of course, trying to not spend hours on end checking out the rest of the 31 Day projects is going to be a true test of will. Cranking out 31 days of somewhat brief posts will be another. See? All sorts of growth opportunities are already cropping up! Good times!



*Yeah, I was too lame to figure out how to create a button, so I’m sort of participating from the sidelines. Maybe in year seven I’ll get more into the cool tech side of this whole blogging thing. Or maybe Joey can teach me. (It wouldn’t surprise me.)


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  1. sister. don’t forget sister, pahahaha! 😉 actually, i’m sort of intrigued…


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