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31 Days: And Then It Goes Too Far

When my brother came out for a visit last summer (July, to be precise), I promised to make him a picnic quilt. Not that he asked for one — I was in the mood to make one, and he was just the lucky winner. Besides, Central Park in the Fall? Surely he’d be picnicking!

Right after he left, I got to work. The top was done in a matter of days, and I decided to make it envelope-style to cut out the added step of binding. Time was of the essence, don’t ya know. From that point on, the details get a little fuzzy. Did I start (hand)quilting it right then? Or did it get relegated to a bag immediately?


…well, I do know that I brought it to Craft Day early in the Spring, and managed to bang out quite a bit of the quilting. And then returned it to the bag.

Fast forward to September 2012: The brother is coming home again! And the quilt is not done. But! If I can finish it now, he can take it back with him! I’ll have fulfilled my promise and cheaped out on shipping all in one fell swoop. Score!

So, the day before he arrived (of course), I realized that I was doing it again and was going to miss my big opportunity if I didn’t get down to business pronto. Ooh, but I only had a couple of hours before it was time to pick up the boy from school…and then I would have to fix dinner…so maybe it would be better to just start on it after the kids went to bed…

…or maybe I could take it out of the bag already and make a stitch or two? Would that be so hard? Right. Took it out of the bag, and found out that there were only two blocks left to quilt. Oh, they were large blocks, to be sure, but still. Two.

An hour later, it was done. Unbelievable! I’d let it sit — completely untouched — for six months, and it would’ve been off and on its way in a matter of hours.

Are there any languishing projects sitting around your house today? Why not pick one up and give it a once over? It might be closer to done than you think!


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