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31 Days: Expect the Unexpected

We’re currently enjoying what passes for Fall in these parts: a day or two of really great crisp, cool days that trick you into thinking that the seasons have changed. At this point, I’ll take what I can get (even though I’m pretty sure Friday’s heat and humidity will have me shaking my fist in the air yet again.) It was even chilly enough this morning to warrant long sleeves, so I headed to the handy bag of winter clothes in Bridget’s closet to find her a shirt this morning.

Lo and behold, each and every piece is probably too small. The girl went and got tall on me over the summer! Of the two shirts that may have fit (but not at all well), she outright refused one of them. And I was so sure she’d love it — it had a fairy princess on it, for Pete’s sake! She loves fairy princesses!

“Why won’t you wear this one, B?”

Mom, her tiara is green!

Ah, yes. Totally logical. I’m going to save myself a lot of headaches and pass that one along without bothering; it was a hand-me-down, anyway.

As for the rest of the basket, I’ll either head to the resale shop with it tomorrow or move right along to the Goodwill. It depends on my mood. And then add shopping for cool-weather clothing to my list, because that girl is going to need it.

Not that there’s likely any hurry, but I find it’s a bad idea to ignore the warning light for too long.


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  1. um, that is totally logical!


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