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31 Days: Getting Ahead

In a perfect world, I wouldn’t be on the hook to anyone. Ever. Not because I don’t want to help, but rather because I cannot bear being obligated. Ohhhh, the responsibility! And the thing is, I know that this is kooky talk — life happens to everyone. Just last week, we were all home sick on the Sunday we were scheduled to work in the nursery. Fortunately, Heather was able to swap with me and it was easy as that. [Thanks again!]

Or was it? Because don’t you know that a teeny tiny portion of my brain was crazy with fear that it would happen again, and we’d have to find subs for not only the evening service, but it’s also our month to teach in the morning! The horrors!

It’s sad that this is the way my brain works, but all too true. I mean, what if? What, indeed? The world will go right on spinning. Knowing hasn’t really helped. While I work on trying to ratchet the crazy anxiety down a notch or two, I’m also trying to compensate for my weakness by getting ahead as much as possible. That way, the worst case scenario is maybe a little bit easier to manage.

Today, I had an extra few minutes and it occurred to me that the materials for Sunday’s lesson weren’t prepped yet. Also, if I prepped them this afternoon, I could drop them off tonight and they would be at the church — ready and waiting — when we get there Sunday. If there were an emergency and we couldn’t be in our place, well, someone could step in and be somewhat equipped to handle the class. On the flip side, even when we are the ones teaching, I don’t have the stress of having to remember to grab the folder as we rush out the door.

Yes, we are those people who rush out the door. Rare are the mornings where everyone’s ready and something’s not being searched for right up to (and past) the last minute.

I’ll tell you what, I always breathe a great sigh of relief when the whole quarter’s box of materials has been prepped and is out the door. Next week, I plan to bang out the remaining weeks. For now? Totally happy to have a couple of weeks ready to go.


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