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31 Days: Making Better Choices

The original title of this post was going to be “Making Good Choices”.

When I passed up a celebratory Starbucks this morning, and instead went home to make myself a cup of chai and get to work, that was a good choice.

Snacking on a delicious yogurt parfait instead of ice cream yesterday? A good choice, as was opting for a lunch of leftovers (and tossing them into a salad, at that) over fast food. After a summer of not-so-good choices (so many drives thru), these seem like personal victories.

Then…I took the kids out for frozen yogurt after school. Yum! And then the pork chops hadn’t thawed — nor did I care to cook them — so it was pancakes and bacon for dinner. Double yum!
Even better with a sweet cup of coffee.

So. Were these all “good” choices? Hmm. Probably not. But we’re moving in a better direction. Here’s to progress!


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