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31 Days: More Better

The one good thing about trying to make every day more productive is that I find myself feeling like it’s actually possible to get more done. Usually, on even the most non-productive Saturday, I am through by the time five o’clock rolls around. Through. This week, though, I managed to actually cook dinner — despite the fact that the grill ran out of gas as I was heating it up to cook the pork chops, which would normally be a total deal-breaker — AND make a dessert for the fellowship after church on Sunday.

Two things of note, there: I opted to try a new recipe instead of something tried and true, and I didn’t wait until Sunday afternoon to do it.

Another important note:

These brownies are completely delicious, and not at all complicated. The delicious part is not even 1% surprising, considering that¬† you can’t go wrong with Smitten Kitchen, but when I see homemade anything and swirling involved, well, I’m pretty sure it’s going to end badly. Not so! [But I would totally make these the day before and let them get good and cold before cutting them. It made a huge difference, at least for me.]


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