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Meant To Be [A Brief Salute]

[Veering off from my 31 Days series in honor of a very special occasion.]

There are those who believe only in random chance. I’m not one of those people. I believe that, many times, God throws us a line. And we don’t even need to meet Him halfway to grab hold — sometimes it’s enough to just stick our hand out the tiniest bit and our lives will forever be changed for the better.

Heather was one of those lifelines for me, and I’ll always be grateful for the fact that we just “happened” to be in the same college class — which was kind of something given the fact that we’re not the same age, and only went to the same school for one semester — and that we “happened” to sit next to one another. Did we have much in common? No, we did not! But we soon became friendly enough that she invited me to her church’s College and Career group (which, knowing her as I do now, was not an easy thing for her to do!). In a fit of crazy, I actually took her up on it — I’m not a joiner, and just about make myself sick with anxiety before socializing with new people, and often times old friends, for that matter — and, well, my life took a completely different direction. Life is funny that way.

Nineteen years later, having her for a friend is still one of my great joys. Happy Birthday, my sister! I love ya bunches and hope that you celebrate for the rest of the week!


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  1. Oh you! You totally caught me by surprise with that one! Who knew that history could be such a life changing class. Not because of what we learned (by the way what did we learn?), but because of the friendship that we made. Right back at ya!

    • You guys are making me tear up!! It’s the same reason I love you too Heather!! Those were some of my most favorite memories! Happy Birthday Heather! May God grant you many more!


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