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Don’t Look Directly At Them


Yes, those are REAL lemons on MY tree. Oh, and some jalapenos cropping up in front of them, too.

Food. From my garden.

I can hardly stand the stress of watching those lemons ripen. What if the cold weather kills them? What if the poor tree just gives out? After the great harvest of one last year, to see two dozen make it this far hardly seems possible. This poor tree has been through it, too: leafminers and some kind of mite and ants. Just a whole bunch of mess, not to mention the clueless gardener tending to them. Did I fertilize too late in the season? Perhaps, although perhaps not. It’s really hard to find definitive advice! Also, from what I read yesterday, I should have thinned out the fruit a little more. Oops.

In my defense, nature usually took care of this for me in past seasons. Who was I to start plucking off perfectly good lemons?

Speaking of which, I picked the first four yesterday. So juicy!!! Not as sweet as I’d hoped, which may be due to the whole “too many fruit” thing. Still — juicy! Juicy, beautiful fruit from MY YARD!

(Need I say that I now want to plant another one, plus a grapefruit to accompany it? Goodbye superfluous deck, hello orchard!)

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