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And For Him


There are really only so many refrains of “Is mine almost finished?” that a mom can take. This week’s sewing time, in large part, was dedicated to shutting that down. (AND finishing another project — oh that’s right! Doing things, I tell you!)

Not that I can blame the boy: somewhere there lies a stuffed robot sans face from when I promised to make him a little stuffed friend. It was more appropriate when he was three, but if he catches sight of that thing, he still sends up a half-hearted, “Momma, is my robot ever going to be finished?” I think we both know that answer to that; it still stings. Now, though, I can always point back to when I very speedily made good on the next-in-line position of his cozy quilt. Such a score!

There are two more of these in the queue, but I don’t know if I have the wherewithal to muscle through them right this very minute. See, but even just typing that made me want to go ahead and get started on the blue and green one, so who knows. Or maybe the Christmas one (because it’s never too early, except for in January, when it actually may be), just so that I can clear the space on the flannel shelf. Decisions, decisions.


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