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Spring Wear!

Well, Little Miss has now decided to refuse to wear pants. Leggings? Sure. Pants that are just like leggings, but a little looser in the leg? Absolutely not. Since regular pants, like jeans or khakis, had long ago been forbidden (pretty much since she could voice an opinion), we are down to skirts and dresses only. While this makes getting ready for church easy, and will make her a fine deacon’s wife someday, it kind of throws a wrench in her current wardrobe.

Did I mention that her Winter/Spring wardrobe includes Carter’s knit pants in just about every color? And that they’re sized to last her through next Fall? Sure. “Get ahead”, indeed.

This week’s cold snap notwithstanding, it’s been warm enough for bare legs, so I figured I’d better get cracking on the skirts.


There’s actually one more, but it already made the trek upstairs and someone’s too lazy. I’m someone.

Oh, and this here skirt was way too exciting to make:


A cute little skirt from a discarded shirt?! Oh yeah! Again, there’s a green one (which was the first off the press, and may or may not be a wee bit snug) which is already in the regular rotation. Needless to say, my husband’s shirts are barely safe.

Even more impressive? I started and finished these bad boys the same week. Progress, friends!

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  1. Can’t wait to see her on the runway at church! Super cuteness, and still chuckling about the “deacon’s wife” thing!


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