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Deep in the Heart of Texas


It’s that time of year again, my friends: Rodeo Time! Now I’m not much of a rodeo fan, but I do love Go Texan day and all that goes with it.

Elementary school hoedown? Yay!

Western duds? Yeehaw!

Oh, but oops — Little Girl didn’t have anything even remotely Western. Luckily, I found this bandana print at Mom’s, and a ton of black lightweight denim fabric. That was on Friday, which left me plenty of time to whip up a little skirt over the weekend.


…when I pulled the denim out of the wash Friday night, black linty dust flew up in a cloud. It also coated the inside of the washer, the dryer, and the garage floor beneath the vent. What the? When I washed it again, more of the same; the fabric apparently was disintegrating. Well, great.

So much for free and easy.

But not so fast. That’s not the Spirit of the West! I got myself to Joann’s Monday morning, and found a really cute piece of slubby denim (on sale, no less.) I used this old faithful skirt pattern as a guide, along with a combo of these two ruffle tutorials. Done and done. I’d picked up a white shirt at H&M a couple of weeks ago, so it was just an applique away from being a super cute outfit-maker.

Can you tell that I’m a little pleased with how it turned out? And she’s been twirling around ever since, so I guess it is officially a winner. Of course, tonight she plans to switch it out for her fanciest satin dress before we go to Cubbies.

As it turns out, she’s only a little bit country.

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  1. Can I put my order in for one of these for next year!!! We have the red boots–unles her foot grows–and it will be our last hoe down ever. I know. Not crying!!!!


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