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Pattern Review: On-The-Go Diaper Clutch

Well, friends, today is a proud day: Heather just released her very first pattern, the On-The-Go Diaper Clutch. Cue the confetti!

Diaper Clutch Image

Let me tell you, I was all too happy to be a pattern tester. You know I love a new addition to my arsenal of baby gifts! No surprise, this one’s a gem; pretty and practical.


My sister and I were talking about projects the other day, and I explained my take on “quick” projects. Usually, “quick” tends to cover anything that can be done in a day. And that’s true, to a certain extent, but when I spend an entire morning and part of the afternoon on something, and it ends up being pretty much all I have to show for my day, I have trouble looking upon it as “quick”.

That having been said, let me tell you that this here Diaper Clutch truly fits under the heading of capital-Q Quick. Fifty minutes from the time I cut the fabric [I take an inordinate amount of time selecting and cutting fabric, so I didn’t add that in] to the snipping of the final thread, to be precise. In fact, this is actually the second one I made. The first one…well, I don’t know what happened to it, to tell you the truth. I took it with me to show it off to the pattern creator herself, and now it’s nowhere to be found. It’s not like this is a first for me, but still. No worries, though — I knew it would only take me a hot second to make up another.

That’s the true test of a quick project: Will it still seem so easy to snap together when you have to tackle it again? This one passes with flying colors.


If mine looks a little puffy, it’s because I subbed fusible fleece for the lightweight interfacing. Hey, it’s what I had handy. If you wanted to get all crazy and quilt the outer piece, the fleece would be the way to go. (I didn’t do that, mind you, but one could and it would be awfully cute.) Also, I tucked in the biggest hard-shell wipes pack known to man, which skews the appearance a little. It’s good to know it fits and closes well, but I’d go with a trimmer pack the next time. Or this time, when I pick up diapers to tuck into this gift in place of the giant swim pull-ups (yep, all that I had left in the house.)

Anyway, back to the pattern. Read it through one time before you get started, and you will be off to the races. The directions are super clear and very thorough. The pattern also includes some great tips for customizing your clutch. Try the ruffle closure; it’s really cute, and easy! (I know this, because I tried it out  on the first version. One day it’ll turn up and I’ll show you.)

Look how nice! Mom can just tuck it into her bag and go, and the diapers won’t be all mangled like they are when you throw ’em in loose. (I know all about this, too.) Neat and tidy.


Don’t just take my word for it, though. Get a hold of this pattern, grab your favorite fat quarters or remnants, and an hour later you’ll see for yourself. In fact, Heather has graciously offered up two copies of her pattern for my lovely readers.

First two to comment win — GO!

Update: Congrats to my giveaway winners, Holly and Mrsgingras! Be watching your inboxes for you Simple Analogy pattern pdf.


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  1. really?! first two? I am game. I would love to give it a go!

  2. I’d love to try that pattern!

  3. thank you so much, I’m very much looking forward to trying this pattern… so many babies born lately!

  4. Thanks for such a glowing review! And I am crazy about the idea to quilt the body of the bag.

    • Well, I meant every word. I’m looking forward to trying out the quilting idea myself — it may make it to the big show on the next one I make. (Yep. Already need a next one. Must crank out the gifts!)

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