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Kindly Get Out of My Way


It’s Craft Night, after all, and do you know what we do on Craft Night?

We craft! And chat and laugh and don’t yell at kids. AWE-some.

Tonight, my plan is to snip the quilt, wrap the wreath (which is for Easter, so no time like the present, I suppose), and try my hand at a new-to-me bangle. (More on that last one next week…hopefully.)

Here’s wishing you a weekend of frelaxing fun!


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  1. My sentiments exactly! See you in a few hours!

  2. beverly brinkmeyer

    Wish I was there with y’all! I’ll keep my germs at home.

  3. Craft nights are the best!! Hoping to eventually start a Florida chapter. Won’t be the same but it will get me an excuse tackle those projects that are so tedious alone.


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