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Je ne suis pas la Bonne Maman

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Oh, the time of summer fruits is fast coming upon us! Already, we’ve been enjoying some very delicious strawberries. They’ve been so cheap that I found it hard not to buy them by the cartful. I mean, they do spoil super fast around here, and that drives me nuts. But, say! If I made some jam, well, it would make perfect sense to buy a couple of extra quarts, right?

Of course!


I totally got down to business on my little micro-batch (4 pints, which was perfect because I actually only had 3 pint canning jars in the cupboard.) I went with the Strawberry-Vanilla version from this book, since I also had vanilla beans in the pantry. Why not?

A short while later, we have this:


And it may look like a jar of delicious strawberry jam…


mais non. It’s sauce; it never did properly set up. [Sad trombone.]

But! It’s a very tasty sauce, so that’s a plus. The kids love it on waffles, and I like to stir it into yogurt for a treat (’cause I’m crazy like that!) The vanilla adds a strange candle-like bouquet to it, which is odd but not off-putting.

So: not a total failure, but I won’t be starting my line of preserves anytime soon. I still like looking at my very own canned goods in my pantry, though. Grandma would be so proud, or else thoroughly unimpressed…no, I’m going with proud!


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