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Look, I’m not big on take-home projects in the primary grades, seeing as how it really only means more work for me. And it’s not like I’m unwilling to do my part, but I can never figure out exactly what that entails. The instructions are always maddeningly open to interpretation and super vague, and just try getting details out of this boy of mine. Not easy. We’ve ended up getting it all wrong more than once.

Well, not this time. No,  this time, the assignment was to create something new from found objects. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle — Happy Earth Day! Didn’t take me two minutes to remember this fine idea I’d pinned last year, and he bought in on it immediately. Of course he did, because it’s so cool!


The even-more-exciting part was that I had every single thing we needed to complete the project. I primed the cans, but he did all the rest of the painting, and well, he filled in the outline I made on the bird’s face. Hey, I only had one t-shirt scrap large enough, and it wasn’t likely to go well. Oh yeah, the bird is a scrap tied around an old sock. Repurposing all the way, buddy!

He was so proud of his project, and plans on expanding the line to include some Storm Trooper pigs and other characters. Looks like I’ll need to work some more canned food into the meal rotation; shouldn’t be too difficult.


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