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Don’t Bother — They’re Here

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For two weeks, I listened — over and over — to the things my child absolutely would not wear for the clown act of her class’ circus performance.

(What? Your preschool doesn’t have the kids put on a circus for the parents? Well, I find that very strange.)

It started off with the basics:

“I don’t want to wear a red nose!”


“And I’m not putting on a big wig!”


“And what about those shoes?”

I don’t even know how she knew about the shoes. Whatever. Like I’m going out hunting down extra wide child-sized clown shoes anyway — am I new to this girl?

The suggestion of a ruffled collar? Met with a polite shake of the head. A floppy hat, perhaps? Absolutely not. A polka-dot skirt?


So, we agreed upon that, and I was going to shoot for the moon with a fun bow tie (clownish!), but she still wasn’t confident.

A week later, from the back seat, I hear the end of her happy tune:

“…and no red nose, and I won’t put white cream on my face…”

Oh, are we still on this?! I GOT IT!

Know what? How ’bout I don’t waste my good time on something that is clearly going to be hit and miss?


Instead, how about I tack some pom poms onto a dress from your closet and we call it a day? Sound good? Yeah, I thought so, and we’re done.

[Thanks to Mom for the inspiration: B. was wearing this dress while listing her grievances, and good old Grams said, “Too bad  you can’t just put her in that dress”, and then we both looked at each other like, “Wait a minute….”]

Thankfully, this is a really low-key school, and the teacher had told us over and over not to go buy costumes. From the looks of it, everyone complied — my kind of people! I bought the pompoms, and it was totally worth it not to have to have the “how about” conversation for one more minute. As it turns out, I probably should have taken a little more care in attaching the pom poms: every time she ran back past us during the performance, another one was missing. By the end, it was down to the blue one hanging off like some sort of strange belly button. Oops. Not like anyone cared, including me.

And now her school year is over, and Joey’s is winding down, and summer is officially right around the corner. This, my friends, is when the real circus begins.


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  1. That girl is getting more and more like The Bean…obsessing about something that is supposed to be fun and mumbling at you from the back of the car? Pahaha! (although i shouldn’t laugh too hard since you will probably point out that they both take after me with that nonsense. oops!)


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