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I’m sure it’s no surprise that, for me, a stellar recommendation from Heather is equivalent to the Good Housekeeping seal of approval. Maybe even more so, because I don’t know much about the sensibilities of the GH testers. Anyway, when she announced her Popsicle Parade, complete with recommendations for a recipe book and molds, it also won’t surprise you that I hopped right on and ordered both. (Yes. Give me an excuse….)

For the record, happier I could not be. The molds fit nicely in my freezer, and make a very official-looking pop, and the Mexican Chocolate paleta is delicious! I’m not sure if I measured wrong, though, or what, because I had a TON of chopped chocolate and almond mixture, and just couldn’t imagine jamming the molds full of it. Now I have a bag of it in the freezer for next time, so all is not lost.

Also, like a bonehead, I dipped the molds in the a sink full of warm water to soften them up a touch. See the top of the one above? Yeah, she hadn’t really dug in yet — that’s the way the top was shaped after it rapidly started melting. Ruh-roh. Of course, with the next batch, I dipped them in cold water and had much the same result, so I don’t know. Guess we’ll have to just keep making more til I get it right! We’re all about the pursuit of excellence around here, don’t ya know.

Deliciousness aside, I’m going to tell you that this recipe in particular ended up bumming me out. See, I was even more excited to try this one out because I had everything I needed in the pantry. The box of Ibarra tablets had been languishing away in the pantry since winter. And after celebrating the fact that they were finally going to achieve their chocolatey destiny, I realized that I bought that box with the full intention of lovingly stirring up some delicious Mexican hot chocolate for the niños on chilly after-school afternoons. Yet there is sat until June, untouched and unenjoyed. Never mind that it wasn’t all that cold this winter; my shelves are filled with good intentions. That is, until they’re past their prime and I pitch whatever it is in the trash.

So, my modest goal this summer is to bust out all the “someday” stuff lying around and use it for something. And to have fun, and be lazy, and just hang out with my kids. I mean, we’re with each other all the time (all.the.time), but it feels like we’re always rushing to get something done or be somewhere. But the funny [not in a traditional sense] thing is that I don’t feel like I ever accomplish all that much, and we don’t really go anywhere. So, yeah. Less rushing and more funning and lazing purposefully. Doesn’t that sound good?

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