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When Bridget was a baby, it was widely agreed upon that she looked like a plump and rosy little apple. Once she was about six months old — long past the screaming colicky stage — she reminded my mom and I of the Happy Apple of my youth. With that in mind, I set out to find the perfect little apple ornament for her second Christmas. Man, I searched high and low, but never found anything that fit the bill. Then the thought occurred to me: Hey, Genius — what are you looking for? You MAKE ornaments!!


So, I made an ornament, and it wasn’t exactly what I’d wanted, but it was much closer than anything I was finding online. Success!

Do you know that blasted little apple was still sitting in my to-do pile, waiting to be finished? Because, you know, adding the loop to the top — that’s hard. Oh my gosh! I have no idea what is wrong with the sorter in my brain! Bridget came across little Apple a couple of weeks ago (and she knew it was an apple, which was another victory) and wondered why it wasn’t finished. Yeah, we’re all wondering the same thing. The next time I was at the work table and it caught my eye, I threaded a needle, ran the twine through, and knotted it up. Jingle BAM! It’s on the tree. And she was so surprised, which was a little hilarious, but these kids know me. But maybe they don’t!

Maybe 2013-14 is finally going to be the year when things get done. Maybe?

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