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KCWC: Finale

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Don’t you dig the heavenly blast of light on this dress? Even the angels sing when I get around to finishing something!

This dress is adapted from the nightdress pattern in Making Children’s Clothes; some of you may recognize it  as being strikingly similar to last year’s model. That is because I bought this fabric at the same time, with the intention of making myself a skirt. Well, here we are a year later: I’ve not made the skirt (which seemed like less and less of a good idea as time wore on), and the “polky-dot” dress is waaaay too short, so…second verse, same as the first!

Once again, I have no idea why I left a project this simple “in basket” for so long, and I’m totally happy to be done with it. There’s actually one more sundress left to complete, but it’s one that requires elastic thread. It’s been a while since I’ve used that, and now I have to get all psyched up in order to tackle it. In a few weeks or so, I’m sure I’ll be back with another edition of “Why Did I Wait So Long?” Til then, it’s on to other things!

KCWC: Day Three

The Dreaded Pajama Pants — done and done!

I still don’t know why I make such a big deal over making these. It might be because there are usually several pair lined up and ready to go, and cutting them all out takes up about all of the energy I’m willing to put into them. That having been said, banging out the actual pinning and sewing over the course of two hour-long sessions was the way to go! Once they were done (about half an hour into Day Three), I was able to start working on one of the two dresses left sitting in the basket. Turns out that the prep work that I did way back when really left something to be desired; I only cut out one of the main dress pieces. Of course, I didn’t discover this until I’d attached the sleeve pieces to the front…and didn’t find a back to attach them to in the next step. Yepper. Well, that explains why there was so much of that fabric leftover! So, I spent the last ten minutes of sewing time cutting out the back piece.

And then I got distracted by errands and re-organizing the kitchen on Day Four, but thought that I’d sneak in an hour of sewing in the evening.

Then The Girl got up from her nap with a roaring fever, so we got to go to take a field trip to the pediatrician instead. [It’s a virus — hooray? Well, could be worse!]

Hey, I can show you something else, though. There’s another thing spurring me along this year: I recently re-organized my fabric collection. By “recently”, I mean sometime in January. Anyway, thanks to this genius idea (which I found through the magic of Pinterest, naturally), I ran right out, bought a pack of comic book boards, and got to winding. So exciting! My shelves were going to look so good! And then…

… I ran out of boards, and had to go get some more. That was a little sobering.

After some [what felt like ruthless, but probably wasn’t] fabric purging, here’s a look at what’s left:

My, but isn’t flannel bulky?

And my, don’t I like blue?

That gives you an idea of what we’re dealing with here. My 2012 goal is to shrink the collection significantly, and so far great headway is being made! My little stack of empty boards is growing by the week. There’s still a lot of work to do, or else I’m determined to make another sweep next January — partly because I’d like to make better use of the space and partly because I’d like to buy more fabric.

There, I said it. There are beautiful collections coming out every day and I want more! But I’ve been showing great restraint. It’s hard to justify “needing” something with a cotton army staring you down from their perches.

Here’s wishing you a healthy and productive (or relaxing, if that’s your thing) weekend!


KCWC: Day Two

Second verse, same as the first!

Well, almost the same, but yes — it’s another skirt. Can’t have too many. Yesterday, I managed to wrap this one up and get halfway through the pajamas.

The pajamas got a whole lot easier when I realized that I’d made a mistake in matching up the legs on one of the pair. It was a really cute striped seersucker print, and it’s almost impossible to tell the back from the front. Unfortunately, I was patting myself on the back for going the extra mile, carefully trimming and finishing the seam. You know how long it takes to rip all of that out? Me neither; I promptly threw it back in the basket. Three pair just became two. Onward!

KCWC: Day One

Skirt #1, using a combination of two of my favorite tutorials.

In the one hour allotted, I managed to finish this skirt and get halfway through a second. Today, the plan is to finish the second and start on the stack o’ pajamas.

KCWC Begins!

Here’s the funny yet all too typical story behind this basket (featured in yesterday’s post):

It is filled with ready-t0-be-sewn clothes for The Girl. I spent a Saturday, about three weeks ago, cutting everything out so that I’d be ready to go whenever the mood struck. The idea was that it would be sometime the following week, which was a shame because I had wanted to participate in the Kids Clothing Week Challenge this year. Alas, I was far too ahead of the game, but that’s a good problem to have, right?

Well…fast forward three weeks…and I’m right on time. Huzzah! And still ahead of the game, because the cutting out of the item is half the battle for me. So, every day this week, the plan is to spend one hour and one hour only whittling down this particular pile/basket.

Time’s a-wastin’! Let’s see how this system works out, shall we?