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For Today’s Sophisticated Baby

Not sure why a straight skirt on a baby is so funny; it just is. Maybe it’s the way it hangs just so under her little potbelly, or that it becomes skin-tight the second she bends over for a toy, or that it makes her look like a teeny tiny adult. Whatever it is, I dig it.

Specs: Simplicity 5489, View D. I’m pretty sure that I took a couple of inches off of the band due to fabric constraints. And, not that you asked, Aunt Liss gave her the shirt, and could I help it if I had *the* perfect fabrics to use as a guinea pig for this skirt? Mais non.

The second time around, I went rogue and added sassy pockets. Hours of poring over that blasted, beautiful mini Boden catalog will do that to a person — so many lovely little details! I left the band alone on this one, but kind of wish I hadn’t. The awesome lime dots are to blame there; I can’t resist getting all “more is more!” when it comes to that fabric.

If only she weren’t too old to wear those cute little fabric shoes, I would surely whip up a pair of sweet [lime dot-lined] Mary Janes.  Oh, if only….

KCWC 2 & 3

Actually, I was killing two birds with one stone with this little dress.

The suggestion of a mini Boden challenge led me to order the catalog, and also to wonder where I’ve been all this time. Talk about cute! And definitely inspiring, if you will, so I decided to give some of the looks a go this season. Like the genius behind this challenge, I decided to try this dress (and also “borrowed” her idea to add a button rather than the bow featured on the original inspiration piece. Thanks, Miss Chris!) I used the nightdress pattern in this book, but cut a great deal from the length of the hem and sleeves. Easy peasy. The dress is made out of a fine-wale corduroy I picked up at JoAnn’s last year.

And, of course, ’tis the season for new flannel jammies. Almost. These were actually a three-day affair; one to cut, one to sew, and one to hem. Frankly, I’m really over making these pants, but my thrift (and my love of cute flannel) won’t allow me to stop. The pattern only goes up to a size 8, though, so I only have five or six more years of cranking these out. That’s tolerable.