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OYW – March: Magically Delicious

I’m not sure how you could go wrong with what is, essentially, a big ol’ biscuit studded with dried fruit. I’ve never tried Irish Soda Bread before, but I am now a super-fan. No wonder those Irish eyes are smiling!

And this project/recipe did live up to the stash-busting intentions set forth by our lovely hostesses, in that I used up not only the end of the bags of dried cherries and the cranberries, and busted into the box of cake flour I received free with purchase from HEB (which has been occupying valuable real estate in the freezer up to this point), but was also able to make a dent in the seemingly bottomless little jar of cream of tartar. I have to make this recipe again, if only to get that much closer to my goal of actually using this spice (or whatever it is) up before the expiration date. The eighth of a teaspoon required by the other handful of recipes that call for cream of tartar at all just isn’t cutting it.

That’s what I tell myself, at least: that I owe it to my spice rack to make and consume another loaf of bread.  I live to serve, even when it comes to the inanimate objects in my life.